First product status update

Hello, Monday. I feel like May is the beginning of summer here in Albuquerque. It could be that the highs tend to be over 80 when there isn’t a storm. Today there is a storm and I will enjoy the smell of fresh rain in the desert while I write this post.

On to business. Newsflash: we have a logo for the Laser Splash! Logo: check. Industrial Design: check. Mechanical design: 0%, but this will not take that long. User Manual / Experiment book: 80%. Accessories design: 90%. PCB design: 20% (should be ordering prototypes before the end of the week).

Before we reach out to a manufacturing team (we will get mechanical design services from the manufacturer to ensure the most reasonable manufacturing costs), we want to have the manual, PCB design, and accessories design in hand. I can easily see being ready for this in the next month. Because you think it should take a week, right? If you’ve never done something before, my rule of thumb is to change the unit (until we start talking years, then pull back a bit). So, one week’s worth of work, right? But I will be realistic and realize that it will take a month to bring together.

Did I mention I work part time? I’m a mom during the other half of my life. My husband and I are homeschooling just until the kids can get vaccinated, then back to school.  He gets to work in the morning, and I get to work in the afternoon. If you have kids, you know which half of my day is more relaxing. Both halves are just as fun, though!

Thanks for reading!