Market research and revisions

Based on early feedback from schools and homes, we have made some revisions to the kit and are entering another round of distribution and feedback.

Our Laser Splash kit was originally designed with high school students in mind. However, we have tested on many younger students as well – as young as 1st grade (6 years) – and are happy to learn that students of a wide range of ages are all interested! Thank you, Explora Science Fiesta Expo!

Naturally, this led to some significant additions to the kit to make the material accessible to younger students. In broad strokes, these enhancements make the kit better for everyone. These modified kits are the prototypes that we are now distributing.

If you are interested in testing a kit, let us know! At this point, I’d still recommend 3rd grade (age 8-9) and up.

To learn more about the Laser Splash kit check it out on YouTube here: