Graduation, in all things

My nephew graduated from high school today! I feel antsy to graduate too – from the getting ready stage to talking to manufacturers.

The PCB is currently in progress. I’m holding out on paying for an electrical engineer for manufacturing because I *am* an electrical engineer. But, even in creating simple things, when you completely change the purpose, you learn new things. I designed the first version of the circuit that I needed in an afternoon. It is not done yet though. I realized if I do it a different way, then I can make a single layer PCB. For manufacturing, this would be better! So back to the list of […checks the interwebs…] more than 17,000 voltage regulators that might suit. Oh my. Fortunately, vendors have some tools to narrow down the choices, but sometimes those tools are a bit imperfect.

I do enjoy many kinds of challenges and I certainly have them all in my lap right now. I am running a bit behind though, so back to work!