Progress toward manufacturing

Have you ever created a product before? Me neither. So far this process has been mapping and remapping priorities, trajectories, re-ordering processes. I’m in a constant state of reorganization. Today I will spend some time doing this again.  I think, “okay, it’s ready for the next step!”, but wait! I have no logo. Logo, check. Now it’s ready! No, wait. We still need those cards designed (the ones that have been thought up since the last organizing event).

Creating a product is not for the indecisive. I have a new appreciation for all the details I see in manuals, instructions, and product appearance. How did they choose that switch? What about the colors in the logo?! Hopefully there will be a chance for crowdfunding input before manufacturing.

Several times now I have come across the unconscious view from others that something intended for learning is probably boring. I’m here to tell you that no, it doesn’t have to be boring. No, okay? I don’t want to make boring stuff and you don’t want to use boring stuff, so just forget that idea. Let it go. I am going to make learning kits that are fun. Learning first, but fun included in the box!  Remember back to Preschool and Kindergarten when you colored in coloring books and learned to climb? It was fun, right? But now those skills are foundational to much of what you do every day. I think that science can be a little that way, too.